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BushWrapz PPF Installation Tips & Tricks

Our DIY kits are designed so that anyone can install them! With each kit you will receive a link to your vehicle's specific video installation instructions.

6 Tips to get you started!

  • Have someone to assist you laying the panels, it can be tricky to hold the film and peel the backing off at the same time.
  • NEVER install in the sun. The hotter the temperature the quicker the film will dry out, leaving you less work time.
  • Be sure to use your test piece! We include a test piece in every kit so you can test your slip solution and squeegee pressure.
  • Add more slip solution (soap) to your spray bottle if the film isn’t gliding easily along the panel
  • Use a detailer spray on the panel before install to help the film slide.
  • You can never use enough water! Make sure you spray all of the film until you can’t see any “frostiness”

Watch Pooly’s Install Tips and Tricks here

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