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How is the film installed?

You will receive everything you need to install your Paint Protection Film (PPF) in your BushWrapz kit! Simply spray soapy water on the panel, align the template and squeegee down!

Can you remove the PPF once its installed?

You sure can! You can easily remove the BushWrapz Film by pouring hot water over the panel. Then lift the film from an edge, and pull the film upwards.

Can I buy replacement panels?

Yes, you can purchase one off replacement panels by your name, vehicle model, and panel required. Replacement panels range from $66 to $100. Shipping is an additional cost.

How does the self healing properties of the film work?

As long as the scratch doesn’t exceed the top layer of the film, run boiling water or a hot hair dryer over the surface scratch and watch it disappear. Alternatively leaving the vehicle in the warm Australian sun will have the same effect.

Will the Paint Protection Film damage my paint?

BushWrapz films have an impressive adhesive bond that is strong enough to hold to paint for many years but can also be removed. While BushWrapz films are designed not to remove paint from your vehicle, we cannot guarantee that the removal of the film will not damage your paint. We recommend that you do not install PPF on any vehicle where the integrity of the paintwork has been compromised, for example resprayed paintwork or touch ups. You must make your own assessment regarding the integrity of your vehicle’s paintwork and the suitability of the film for your vehicle. You accept all risk relating to damage to your paint caused by the film.

How long does it take to put on?

Install is expected to take approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the size of your vehicle. We highly recommend you have second person to assist you peeling off the backing sheet and laying the film. 

What if I have scratches already?

If you already have scratches, you can lay the PPF over the top to hide them. The PPF creates a bridge over the paint lesion and causes light to refract and seemingly “fill” the gaps. 

How do you clean the PPF?

You are able to wash your vehicle as normal even with the film on.  If you opt to use a gurney ensure you apply a strict 1m rule and never hold the gurney to the very edge of the film as you risk catching and lifting the film.

To get the best life span out of the Paint Protection Film, we recommend you regularly use a Detailer Spray to keep the film hydrated. This will help it to stay shiny and improve its stain resistance.