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Want to become a BushWrapz Recommended Installer?

Whether you are just starting out in PPF or you have been installing for years, our BushWrapz team will support you and your businesses growth.

There are two ways we set up our installers. If you are a beginner I highly recommend getting started in the PPF industry with our DIY Template range, BushWrapz Cape and Advance. These are simplified templates that will help you hone your PPF basics by eliminating the hardest parts of installing, stretching and trimming. This allows you to really focus on increasing your debris management skills and ensuring you are correctly removing any water or air from under the film.

If you are a tried and tested installer - maybe it’s time you add 4WD drives to your resume!
Installers are always trying to chase the luxury or exotic market with PPF, but don’t underestimate the complexity of some of our 4WD’s *cough cough* 79 bonnets.

We offer a large range of PRO templates for all the Australian 4WD’s you can’t currently get on American Databases

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