New Prado shape just released!
Toyota Prado 2017 - 2021 with Bushwrapz coverage on Rear quarter, front and back doors and fender.
Toyota Prado 2017 - 2021 with Bushwrapz coverage on Rear quarter, front and back doors and fender.



Easy to install templates to suit Toyota Prado 150 Series 

Available for the 2009-2016 model and the 2017-2021 Facelift Model

Tackle the off-road tracks with no fear. BushWrapz is an optically clear protective film with super high impact and scratch resistance plus includes a 1 year warranty. 4WD tried and tested!

BushWrapz DIY kits are a temporary Paint Protection Film (PPF), templated and computer cut for the best 4WD models here in Australia!

BushWrapz offers an almost invisible sacrificial barrier to your paintwork. The BushWrapz templates are designed to protect the highest impact areas of your vehicle.

BushWrapz is now available in two different types of film options. Choose the best film that suits your needs!

BushWrapz Cape:

Designed to hit the tracks of Cape York, this kit is an affordable option for any upcoming trip! BushWrapz Cape comes with a one year warranty and can be left on the vehicle for up to 2 years.

BushWrapz Advance:

BushWrapz Advance are the same templates, just cut out of a longer lasting film that comes with a 5 year warranty. Perfect for those who 4WD often!

Coverage Includes:

  • 2 x Fenders
  • 2 x Front Doors
  • 2 x Rear Doors
  • 2 X Rear Quarters

*Refer to illustration for exact panel coverage*

Included in the Kit:

  • Paint Protection Film cut to fit Toyota Prado 150 Series 2009-2016
  • Application Squeegee
  • After purchase, you will receive a link to extensive video instructions on how to install BushWrapz on your vehicle. Each model has its own videos with panel by panel instruction

What you need at home:

  • 1L Spray bottle
  • Johnson Baby shampoo or liquid soap
  • Lint free cloth
  • Clay Bar

Additional Information:

  • All templates are designed with clearance from all obstructions (eg. door handle, indicator) allowing for ease of install.
  • All templates are designed off stock models. If you have additional modifications on your vehicle, we recommend you remove them for easier installation. If you can not, we have included instructional videos on how to modify and trim our templates.

*The film is designed to be installed wet like window tint. You will be required to mix your own slip solution using soap and water. Installation is a one person job, however it is recommended that you have someone to assist you initially lay the film*