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BushWrapz Kit - To Suit Toyota Prado 150 Series Facelift

BushWrapz Kit - To Suit Toyota Prado 150 Series Facelift


Easy to install templates to suit Toyota Prado 150 Series Facelift (2017 - Current)

Tackle the off-road tracks with no fear! BushWrapz is an optically clear protective film (PPF), designed to protect your paintwork from pinstripes.

All of our kits are templated and computer cut specifically for your model of vehicle. DIY Style templates stop 3-5mm short of all edges and obstructions (eg Badge or door handle), allowing for easy install. Where the curvature of the panel is too great and complex for a DIY-er, some edges may be reduced further. See product images for details on your model.

BushWrapz is available in two different types of film options. Choose the best film that suits your needs!

BushWrapz Cape:
Designed to hit the tracks of Cape York, BushWrapz Cape is an entry level Protection Film that comes with a one year warranty and can be left on the vehicle for up to 2 years. This film is designed to be a sacrificial layer for your paintwork. Upgrade to Advance for better scratch resistance and longevity.

BushWrapz Advance:
The same easy to install templates, just cut from a more durable Paint Protection Film. Advance comes with a 5 year warranty and has greatly increased self healing properties and tear resistance. Perfect means for those who 4WD often and want to leave the film on between trips.

Additional Information:

  • All templates are designed off stock models. If you have additional modifications on your vehicle, we recommend you remove them for easier installation. If you can not, we have included instructional videos on how to modify and trim our templates.
  • The film is designed to be put on wet. You will be required to dilute the solution provided, to make your own slip solution. 
  • Installation is a one person job, however it is recommended that you have someone to assist you initially lay the film.

Coverage Includes:

  • 2 x Fenders
  • 2 x Front Doors
  • 2 x Rear Doors
  • 2 X Rear Quarters

*Refer to illustration for exact panel coverage*

Included in the Kit:

  • Paint Protection Film cut to fit Toyota Prado 150 Series 
  • Slick Slip PPF Installation Concentrated Solution
  • Application Squeegee
  • After purchase, you will receive a link to extensive video instructions on how to install BushWrapz on your vehicle. Each model has its own videos with panel by panel instruction

What you need at home:

  • 1L Spray bottle
  • Lint free cloth
  • Clay Bar


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael Corker
Great product

Really impressed with the product. End to end has been a very good experience. We opted for the $1,200 kit to cover a Prado. The installation video links were provided to demonstrate how to apply the kit and gave some really good insights. We were particularly impressed the videos being specific to various vehicles and not just a generic example. Gave us lots of confidence.
It is a two person job. One to hold the material and one to remove the backing sheets. Application was time consuming, but taking it slow reaps the rewards of a great finish. Having never done this before, we started with door panels and built our technique through to the snorkel panel where we used the instructional video to create a template for the snorkel and cut out the shape - the video was super helpful and we ended up with a great result. Applying the PPF does leave the odd bubble, but carefully lifting the PPF, spraying frequently and distributing the load so not to stretch the material allowed us to back-track and re-apply sections of the sheeting. Once finished and sealing the edges with a bit of heat, we noticed we missed some small bubbles here and there - this PPF is amazing, the bubbles do tend to disappear over the course of a few days.
The finish is now nearly flawless. Any pin prick size bubbles can be pressed in and effectively disappear. The car looks great.
I am very pleased with the result, looks great, give yourself time to apply the PPF and watch all the instructional videos and you should come out smiling. Again, great product. Highly recommended!

Blake Edwards
Advanced kit for 150 Prado

Excellent quality and fitment. Super helpful videos on purchase too! Would highly recommend!

Great kit for Prado 150

Fit is spot on, film easy to work with, can hardly see it once installed.

Very nice to have a test piece and some extra film included in the box.

I bought the cheaper Cape version thinking it was likely to look ordinary, given my fitment skills.

It went on so well and looks so good I'd buy the Advance next time round.

Lucas V
Highly reliable product.

Worth buying.

Easy and quick installation. Super!

5 star from me with easy installation!

Ash B
Perfect buy!

It serves the purpose it's been a year I don't see it peeling off.

Great stuff

I can't believe how good this stuff make's black look. Has hidden all of the fine scratches I had on it from washing it. Keen to try it out tracks.