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Bushwrapz FilmBush Wrapz Car Paint Protection Film DIY Paint Protection PPF

Paint Protection Film (PPF) by the meter


Wanting film for other little areas? Create your own templates and scuff kits by purchasing our BushWrapz Films by meter.

BushWrapz is available in two different types of film options. Choose the best film that suits your needs!

BushWrapz Cape:
Designed to hit the tracks of Cape York, BushWrapz Cape is an entry level Protection Film that comes with a one year warranty and can be left on the vehicle for up to 2 years. This film is designed to be a sacrificial layer for your paintwork. Upgrade to Advance for better scratch resistance and longevity.

BushWrapz Advance:
The same easy to install templates, just cut from a more durable Paint Protection Film. Advance comes with a 5 year warranty and has greatly increased self healing properties and tear resistance. Perfect means for those who 4WD often and want to leave the film on between trips.


Please note: Film by the meter orders do not include slip solution or a squeegee. Please purchase these separately. 

Our films come in two width variations. Select the width of the film that best suits you, then how many meters of the roll you require. 

*Please note that Bushwrapz Cape is not design to be installed on horizontal surfaces or to wrap around any edges. The direct exposure to the weather will impact the films lifespan and it is not covered under warranty if used against our advice. If you are wanting to cover the horizontal surfaces we recommend you purchase our Bushwrapz Advance film.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Shields
Y62 wrapz

What an awesome product, so easy to put on and you wouldn’t even know it’s on the car. I even bought a seperate sheet and cut to fit my bullbar, so easy.

Jason Lovell
You Dod Good


C Gillooky

Paint Protection Film (PPF) by the meter