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Slick and Slide Solution Bottle with a spray nozzle. Bush Wrapz Car Paint Protection Film DIY Paint Protection PPF

Slick & Slide PPF Life Extender Spray


So you're thinking... why do I need this majestic mist for my already Slick PPF?
Well good sir/ma'am, think of this detailer spray like moisturiser for your skin.
Essential for hydration, keeping it shiny and easy to clean for a long time to come.


How to use:

Wash your vehicle using our Slick Suds PPF Safe WashSimply dry down the vehicle. One panel at a time, spray the mist onto the panel and wipe into the film with a microfibre cloth.


Slick & Slide comes in a 500ml Spray bottle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert Jennings
Film Type: Cape
Vehicle: Raptor
Ease of Install:
Design of Templates:
The Shit

Great price and looks good

David Finlay
Film Type: Advance
Vehicle: 79 cruiser
Ease of Install:

Good gear and a good price, give them a go

Stewart Hardie
Thanks team

Definitely a two person job at least to help hang the piece initially onto the panel but overall was pleasantly surprised how easy it was.